Coronavirus Papers

Coronavirus Papers 3-14-20

Today is the second day I’m writing. Dad was supposed to be doing a 5K today, but it got canceled because of the COVID-19. Instead he ran it on the canal. He beat his time by 2 minutes and some seconds. We’re supposed to limit gatherings of 50 or more people, so a lot is going crazy. I’m worried about our HHI and WDW trip over spring break. What if we can’t go? My 14th birthday party is today for family. We’re also doing St. Patrick’s Day stuff for fun too. We don’t even have over 50 people, but we’re splitting the party into 2 times. I feel like everyone’s life is being ruined by all this corona stuff. I wish it would just go away.

– Ani (irritated)

By firestara

I love books. I also enjoy music and other things... of course.

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