Coronavirus Papers

Coronavirus Papers 3-13-20

Today was such a weird day. We had school, but it felt ominus. For days we’ve been thinking that school might close. The stores are packed and the isles raided of toilet paper, pasta and hand sanitizer. At school it felt like the bad last day of school, flipped upside down or something. So many things were getting canceled. So far our musical has been, DC trip and many other school things. I can’t handle it. The meeting we had to officially tell the cast and crew that Shrek was canceled was horrible. Everyone crying, mad, confused. It’s devastating. We’re hoping to record it if we get the rights and have time, but who knows. I mean it was supposed to be my last MB drama performance and now! Hard to think that a few days ago we were acting like corona was a distant problem that wouldn’t affect us. 7 states so far have closed all schools. We’re still not sure if/when we will be closing here in Fairport. Today, all the teachers and kids were acting like we were closing and wouldn’t be able to see each other for a long time. Teachers passed out so much work and textbooks our backs hurt. I had to carry some of it home in a Wegmans’ bag. Kids were passing around sheets to create group chats if we’re out. Some people were using the books that we got in algebra like yearbooks. They would sign them and joke that we’ll be dead by graduation. These morbid jokes keep us alive + going. Instead of writing HAGS (Have A Great Summer) we wrote HAGQ (Have A Good Quarantine). Also, it’s Friday the 13th! And are we repeating the 1920’s in general? I’ll keep writing as more happens.

“Just in case pile”

6 inches tall and 16.2 pounds.

– Ani (still alive but very much affected)

PS. Disneyland has closed, March Madness and other sports things canceled. Broadway has gone dark and Trump has finally declared a state of emergency.


The First Post

Hi! Welcome to These are certainly unprecedented times for our generations. My goal is to post more than just on this virus but for now my first few will be from a journal I am writing. I have named it the Coronavirus Papers.