Coronavirus Papers

Coronavirus Papers 11-16-20

If you’re up to date on my posts, and somehow remembered it from my insanely long post yesterday, I got picked for testing at school this week. I was more worried than I though I would be at first. Despite that worry, I still adamantly believed that it was the right thing to do. You(or more accurately your parents) had to consent to being tested. For me it was never even a question. I think that it’s necessary in order to provide accurate results as a percentage of the student and staff population. The testing is supposed to be random in order to give a good average, and it can’t be completely random if people aren’t consenting. Also, I would rather know the results even if they’re not what I would like than have something bad happen because I didn’t get tested. Well, I got tested today. What was that like? That’s what everyone seems to want to know. They called me down to go to the nurses office. There was a line and they put tape “X” ‘s on the floor so we could distance. When I got called, the nurse explained everything and then did the nasal swab. You go back to class right away. If the call you back down after the 15 minutes it takes to show results, you tested positive and they call your parents to pick you up and quarantine you. If you don’t get called back it is assumed you are negative. After all this information, I’ll tell you my result. It’s good news! I tested negative! There wasn’t really any other news today other than that they changed the guidelines in case we go into the orange zone.


PS. It wasn’t too bad. A little uncomfortable, but that’s it.

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