Coronavirus Papers

Coronavirus Papers 11-15-20

I can’t believe that I haven’t written since April, and at the same time I can’t believe that I can still write in this. So, I’m just going to try to give a brief summery of everything that happened since I last wrote. First order of business, school. I never did get back to school last year. We had a day that we went and turned in all our books and cleaned our lockers out for the last time. Then we also had a car parade for the 8th graders. We decorated our cars and drove into the parking lot and got our class of 2024 shirts and masks. It was odd, but at the same time I almost wish they always did the parade. Later on I’ll talk about school this year. I was looking at my last entries to see what I needed to cover and realized just how long ago it was! We were still getting Instacart orders! Stores opened up a lot more since then. Some still had restrictions about number of people and sanitizing though. We started going out a lot more too. Almost as much as before March. We’ve had some people over distanced in our backyard or parks eventually, so that’s fun. So that we can continue it through the colder weather, and for eating on the patio in the fall, we got blankets specifically for outside, space heaters, and Mom and I decorated the garage with Christmas lights. We will leave the doors open if we have people over. Wearing masks has become strangely normal. We all have so many now, including Halloween and Christmas patterns. I even made one of mine myself. On a less world/town-view and more personal note, I redid my whole room. I painted one wall black, and the rest of them grey. I made fun pillowcases too and plan to do curtains finally some time. I call the new style of my room “Intellectual Antique”. School started up again in September, but not fully. You had the choice of doing either hybrid(2 days in-school) or full-virtual. I chose hybrid because I knew there was no way I could handle doing virtual again, and wouldn’t if I could help it. I also needed to be around people, as I found out I couldn’t handle it as well as I’d expected. I go in on Mon. and Thurs., and have the rest virtual. On Wed. we have shortened period calls all day. On Tues. and Fri. I only have a math(geometry) call and the rest is whatever the teachers post. I finally cleared off my desk so it’s usable and installed a light under the hang-over on my desk, so that’s awesome. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are now the president-elect and vice-president-elect! This is history! It’s perfect that 100 years ago woman won the right to vote in the US, and now we’ve elected the first woman into the White House! Next election I will be old enough to vote! I can’t believe it! We just moved into the yellow zone, so more restrictions again. At school now 20% of students and staff have to get tested. It’s less-invasive, so more likely to give false positives or negatives, but good enough. I got picked for next week so I’ll be one of the first! I’m nervous, but also interested to see what it’s like and my results. Fingers crossed that it comes back negative. I hope I covered everything good enough!

-Ani(pretty good)

PS. At school I joined jazz band where I play my electric guitar!

PPS. I started dancing at a new studio, where I take tap, ballet and jazz. It’s fun!

PPPS. I forgot to mention that we went to the 1000 Islands twice. Once in the late summer, and once in October over break.

PPPPS. I’m a freshman!

PPPPPS. I’m sorry for so many PS’s.

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So good to read your thoughts again. You are clearly expressing what it is like to deal with this time. You are an excellent writer.


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