Coronavirus Papers

Coronavirus Papers 4-26-20

Ahhh! I haven’t written in a long time yet again. So something interesting happened late last night. I got out of the shower and went to turn the water off, like one does. It didn’t work. I could turn the handle as much as I wanted, but the water kept coming. Dad tried to fix it, but ended up having to turn off the main water. He turned it on so we could all go to the bathroom before though. He filled a thing with water to wash our hands in and we could use the toilet, but not flush it. This morning a plumber came and fixed it. He said that he needed to replace a cartridge? The past 3 days I’ve been cooking a lot. On Friday I made calzones with Dad, Yesterday we made an Almond Joy cake and today we made bread and I made snack bars. We are getting another Instacart order soon. On Saturday I went on a walk with Dad and then it was Virtual Craft Day. I painted the shelf I made in tech this year black and decorated it with the painted mandalas we were doing. Now I have to hang it up. I printed more photos with my Sprocket and drew the 21 Pilots logo. Fun…

-Ani ( cooking a lot )

By firestara

I love books. I also enjoy music and other things... of course.

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