Coronavirus Papers

Coronavirus Papers 4-17-20

OK, week review since I’ve been so bad about writing. On Wednesday Mom and I decided to go on a drive and deliver some balloons that said ” Hello! – Ani ” on them. Our plans changed when we found that our car battery was dead from lack of driving it. We had the car company come fix it and eventually we went out, but that was unexpected! On Thursday ( aka. yesterday ) it was our friend’s birthday. We went over and decorated their house and dropped off gifts for fun. Going back in time, Sunday was Easter! I helped Dad make dinner and we still had egg + basket hunts. I think now we are out of school until May 4th or 5th. Lately we have been doing weekly family Zooms to catch up and play cards. They’re nice, but not as nice as in person. Saturday will be Virtual Game Day again. Dad’s Grand Meetup for work in September was just canceled. Also, this weekend Phantom of the Opera is the show through the Andrew Lloyd Weber ” The Show Must Go On ” program.

-Ani ( Uggggh )

PS. I am wearing my Medusa costume that somehow still fits from when I was probably 9! And I’m 14 now! It looks different, but it fits!

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