Coronavirus Papers

Coronavirus Papers 4-10-20

It’s Friday of the 4th week off! Yay!! …(weakly). It is also Good Friday so I had no math work and shouldn’t have had any Social Studies except, I didn’t do my work yesterday because I was waiting for her to write back. I got my school work done and finished watching a You Tuber’s live-stream that I like early. ( Their live-stream was for charity and on Tuesday I forgot to try to get on it so I’ve been watching/listening to it since Wednesday. ) I also found a new You Tuber who I like. I have been texting/becoming friends with a kid from school, so that’s nice. Sunday is Easter, but we are also doing Easter in October.

-Ani ( good, except that it snowed today! )

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I love books. I also enjoy music and other things... of course.

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