Coronavirus Papers

Coronavirus Papers 4-7-20

Oops, oops, oops! I was totally going to write yesterday! I forgot! Last weekend was Mom+Dad’s 17th anniversary, so that’s fun. OK, news. School is out till April 29th and all regents this year are canceled. There will be more news today about grading and the foreign language exams. Mom said that the class of 1990′(a couple of her friends’ year) science regents was stolen, so it was cancelled. Their grade was their class average, or they could take it in August. Mom was also saying that it’s interesting, because only honors 8th graders like me are taking regents thins year, so affected. The rest of the class of 2024 will still have to take them next year, so they’re probably jealous. I started a free online program about epidemiology and this virus last night. It’s very interesting.

-Ani (Forgot about this)

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