Coronavirus Papers

Coronavirus Papers 4-3-20

It’s April, and I’m once again a slacker. Yesterday I was busy doing all my work for Thursday and Friday so I’d have a day off(ish) still. Of course, my teachers still posted some stuff that I had to do this morning. Today Mom asked if I wanted to pick out fabric for my mask in case we all have to wear them. I didn’t want to because it feels like giving in, accepting that we’re gonna’ be at this for a long time. I haven’t left the neighborhood since the middle of March and I’m finally admitting that I’m stir-crazy. I did pick out a fabric though. I just kind of legitimately thought about the fact that I might not be going back to my school this year. I hate all this, and even though people are saying that everything happening is to try and make it better, it’s hard to believe that we’re actually going back on the 16th – in 13 days.

-Ani (finding optimism harder than usual)

By firestara

I love books. I also enjoy music and other things... of course.

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