Coronavirus Papers

Coronavirus Papers 3-23-20

I didn’t write all weekend because : 1. I’m lazy, and 2. Not much happened. I stayed up late and played games with the family, that’s it. It’s the start of the second weekend of break. I had work. Today Dad started his first day on his new team at work. I was helping Mom make fabric masks for Strong Hospital. It’s nice helping out. I was thinking about how I’ll be telling my kids or grand-kids about this someday. Apparently Governor Cuomo issued ” New York On Pause” last night. All non-essential workers have to work from home. He also put the Matilda Law into effect, restricting travel and movement of people over 70 years old. It’s named after his mother. On Saturday when I stayed up I texted someone from school. It’s nice because I’ve wanted to talk to them and be friends for awhile, but now I can text them. They were really nice to me. I’ve been doing some of the videos that my dance studio has been posting to keep active some.


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I love books. I also enjoy music and other things... of course.

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