Coronavirus Papers

Coronavirus Papers 3-19-20

4th day. It’s almost been a week. I don’t like to write until it’s later because then I’ll have more to talk about, but it’s so close to bedtime! I’m embarrassed to say when. Today I had lots of work, but I was done by a little after lunch. I said to Dad that it’s like a break with a lot of homework. We set up this cleaning program and I went on a 2 mile long walk. Mom was being obsessed about tracking where people with COVID-19 have been and Dad and I were questioning the pros and cons of it. I might want to be a genetic epidemiologist. It’s cool sounding, and fun. Also, I need a new analogy book.

-Ani ( interested, and not too bad)

By firestara

I love books. I also enjoy music and other things... of course.

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