Coronavirus Papers

Coronavirus Papers 3-17-20

Second day off of school. Today I went in to pick up all my papers and collect the assignments I had to do. It was so weird to go in. A couple of my teachers were there so I got to see them and that was nice. It’s St. Patrick’s Day today so I was wearing all my green/holiday stuff. A lot of people complemented me on it. It has come to my attention that this journal I am already creating might be part of my health assignment, which is pretty cool. I’m happy and the group-chat is fun and all, but I miss school. It’s for our safety and and we can’t go back, but I wish we could. Today I heard that all schools in New York State are off until April 1st. That’s new! I overheard Mom and Dad talking about how irresponsible Disney is being about this. When they closed apparently they had a special parade and fireworks and stuff. I would agree. What’s fun is that we’ve gotten to do stuff like work on puzzles, listen to music and watch shows/movies that we usually wouldn’t have time for, while still working. Today I found Nickelodeon Wii Fit and played it w/Mom again!

-Ani (confused/strange)

PS. The notebook you can see in the background of this picture is the notebook I wrote these entries in originally!

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